What if we already host a home run competition?


You can use the results of the home run competition as long as they fall within the T-Mobile Little League Home Run Derby event rules. Leagues will still need to register and submit all results through the website portal.

How can my child get involved in a local competition?

Bryan Hill

Reach out to your local Little League officers to receive information about how to sign up for a local competition. If your league officers have not registered, please encourage them to do so!

Are pitching machines permitted?


Live arm pitching is preferred but pitching machines may be used if necessary. The use of side toss is NOT permitted.

Can I host a District wide competition?


Yes. We encourage leagues to host a competition with multiple league participation. You must register through the website and identify the hosting league as such during the registration process. You may add and remove leagues in your dashboard at LittleLeagueHomeRunDerby.com.